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"The permanent control with the process from its office or with remote access"

The Solution of the future

You decide.... It acts.

Your new reliable and powerful partner with the service of the WINE die.

Industry, aviation, the space field, the agro-alimentary etc... for a long time integrated in their current exploitation of the tools able to manage processes, to visualize them, help with the decision and to preserve the memory of the successive operations. Only the programmable controller could join together the whole of these functions.

From a single programmable controller (without computer which becomes a product then annexes) associated with adapted sensors, you can during all the year carry out a multitude of independent or simultaneous operations and this in full safety as well in automatic mode as manual with a reliability and a traceability which will enable you to compare year by year the fruits of your work.

You will be able to use it on your viticultural exploitation for all the current operations being able to ask a control or for an automatic regulation.

Examples of use
Measure and regulation of the temperatures of the tanks by exchanger.
Measure and regulation of the temperatures and relative humidity of the premises.
Ventilation, air-conditioning, moistening, unmoistening.
Measure and C02 alarm
Measure uninterrupted density of musts in alcoholic fermentation.
Measure uninterrupted flow and/or conductivity of must at exit of pressing for a more qualitative piloting.
Automatic piloting of the reassemblies by pump or to gas.
Control micro-oxygenation of the wines in phase of wine making or breeding.
Measure and controls volumes of wines transferred at the time of the assemblies, put out of bottle and other forwardings.
Measure uninterrupted turbidity of the wine after a filter automatically to control the by-pass of recycling according to turbidity
Measure and various countings at the time of the settings out of bottle, with inventory control
Meteorology, temperature, moisture, detector of frosts...

You will be able also to use it for :
Variation and control rates of electric motors
Opening proportional of a motorized valve
Counting and weighing of all produced
Order relay, jacks...
Control levels
Alarms, ..

The field of application of the programmable automat is quasi infinite, because this evolutionary product has only the human mind like limit!!!

How does it go?

According to the tasks to be carried out beforehand definite by the user, of the information taken by sensors (temperature, hygrometry, pressure, speed, refractometer, recognition of the color, counting etc...) are conveyed by a simple cable of 2 wires installed beforehand on the site (its length can be of 8km!!!) to the controller.

These signals will be treated by the controler then visualized on a terminal operator or a computer.

The user can constantly to visualize the process in progress on the screen of the terminal operator, from where it can starting from simple orders, to modify the instructions, to intervene on operation in progress, to visualize defaults...

To supplement the device, the controller can connect itself on a computer established in very an other place, which will visualize and record all the operations, to restore them in the form of screens, arrays, charts, ...

This traceability of the product aims for a step "QUALITY".


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